It is because you fear that you can find ways to save those lives before you

Dr. DMAT —

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part 2


ok let’s do this


Neil Patrick Harris as Donflamingo


Sean Connery as Rayleigh


Ryan Reynolds as Zoro


Orlando Bloom as Sanji


Adrian Brody as Brook when he is alive


 Robert Downey Jr as Mihawk


Alan Rickman as Crocodile



#joffrey being a seemingly good guy out of context

Anonymous sent:
Hello :) Thank you very much for your arcana famiglia summary posts! My Japanese is pretty poor (I'm only pretty good with listening, but reading is almost zero haha). I was hoping to ask you if you'd make a walkthrough of choices for the arcana famiglia games in English? I've seen some Japanese walkthroughs online, but they['re very hard to understand ^^; It would be amazing and I'd finally be able to advance in this game. If you don't want to, I understand :) Thank you ^_^

Thank you too for appreciating the summaries. Unfortunately I’m not yet that adept in Japanese so it’ll be quite hard to make a walkthrough that would be accurate. I also still can’t understand a lot of kanji and had to use the dictionary while I played. Hmm…maybe you could have the walkthrough translated so you can understand them. Online translation may not be as accurate since it’s a direct one, but at least it will give you an idea of the what the sentences are all about. I use them quite often too. Sorry for not being able to help you with this…this is exactly why I’d like to learn the language properly so I could also translate. Well, I would still be glad to help if there are some parts you’re having difficulties with. :)

Older bro: what’re you going to watch

Eldest bro: thinking…

Older bro: what kind of show is “thinking”

Eldest bro: I meant I’m still thinking


Still waiting for my AF fanbooks…I’ll be writing the character profiles after I get them. I just want you guys to know I haven’t forgotten about it~ :3

My own TARDIS #tardis #doctorwho #fangirl #vscocam #vscoph #instaphoto
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My own TARDIS #tardis #doctorwho #fangirl #vscocam #vscoph #instaphoto